Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cheaper way to stay in UK hotels!

I have always wanted to visit UK. Who wouldn't? I am a huge anglophile and have been dreaming all my life about visiting the great historical cities like London, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

London was everything I dreamt it would be - except for the cost! A swinging nightlife and enough historical monuments to visit. Big Ben, Tower of London, Wimbledon are wonderful! I could stay here for months but the London hotels are too expensive. Fortunately, a friend had told me about a wonderful site where one can find all the top hotels at an unbelievable price. You should check it out if you want fantastic deals on any London Hotel

From London, we took a train to Edinburgh. Ah, Scotland! Walking the Royal Mile or visiting the Edinburgh Castle takes one back centuries. We stayed for a week and really enjoyed our visit! Edinburgh Hotels are not as expensive as London Hotels but hard to find and book. We, however, used the same great site to find good Edinburgh Hotels at unbelievable prices!

Off to Glasgow, Scotland's style capital, to round off a short but awesome UK holiday! Lot of great galleries and art museums to browse. Glasgow Hotels are smaller and nicer than London Hotels or Edinburgh Hotels and definitely more affordable. We checked out several Glasgow Hotels before choosing the one we finally stayed in - a nice little family-run place!

To sum up, a short and wonderful trip that gave us a glimpse of UK nightlife and culture - leaving us thirsting for more.


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