Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cheap Hotels in South Africa

South Africa has always captured the traveler's imagination. Whether it is the Boer War or the stop over on the way to India to pick up spices, South Africa is seen as an exotic and wonderful destination. I got interested in South Africa by reading Wilbur Smith novel and longed to visit it for a long, long time.

South Africa is a blend of Europe and Africa - good infrastructure, European ambience combined with stark poverty and wonderful nature! The roads are good, the train system is awesome and distances are not great. There are good hotels in Johannesburg and other cities. Hotels in Cape Town and hotels in Sandton are also good and affordable.

I would recommend booking the hotels in Johannesburg in advance. Tourism is big here and the rooms get full especially in peak tourist seasons. Johannesburg is a wonderful place to visit year around. Cape Town is however more alluring - it was the stop on the way from Europe to India, the long awaited destination on a long and perilous journey. The hotels in Cape Town are not as good but you can find decent ones by searching on the web.

You might have not heard of Sandton. It is a very young municipality formed in 1969. Saxon Hotel is famous but the other hotels in Sandton are decent too. In any case, you should focus less on these things than in enjoying the myriad natural delights this country has so much in abundance.


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